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Dsc 6884 CopyEstablished in 2016, Guildford Accounting is a boutique accounting firm based in Guildford dedicated to empowering business owners by equipping them with the right financial tools and knowledge.

Led by an experienced accountant, Tanya Cornell, with over two decades of extensive industry experience, our approachable team takes a personalised approach to provide clarity around your finances and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Why Choose Us

We understand how challenging it is to run a business. We aim to ease your burden and help you save time by taking care of the non-core tasks you don’t like, giving you more time to focus on doing what you do best.

Our secret behind establishing solid and lasting relationships with our clients is the personal touch and genuine care we show. We always go the extra mile and aim to always be available to help.

Who We Work With

Because we do everything online, we can cater to clients anywhere in the UK. However, our expertise lies in working with small businesses operating in the following industries:

  • Professional services: We help businesses in professional industries such as architects, web designers, engineers, and consultants, among others. We can advise on IR35 legislation and help business owners plan their taxes effectively.
  • Ecommerce: We help small businesses set up reliable accounting software and other powerful business apps so they can monitor their performance and boost profitability.
  • Trades: We help small trades, such as plumbers, handymen, and mechanics remain tax compliant and stay on top of their books.

Does this sound good to you? Get in touch with Guildford Accounting today and learn more about how we can help you run your business better!

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